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The Will ® is a group of subsidiaries that combine smart entrepreneurship with innovation, sustainability, co-creation and disruption, creating leading brands in the global market.



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Etymologically the word “will” comes from the Latin “voluntas-atis”, which means to “want,” the willingness to do or desiring something.

This concept implies many other factors such as the ability to make decisions, choosing one possibility among several, which allows us the opportunity to discover, the determination that is specific and related to the ability to evaluate or clarify our goals, and action, as a factor definitive for the implementation of what we want.


With a modern approach to the industry,  at The Will®, our services are a unique association that provides with full transparency access to all the benefits of having a partner that seeks to achieve the best results together with strategies that allow the development of your company in highly competitive markets, accompanied by ethical and avant-garde business practices.

We maintain the will as our primary source of inspiration.

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The Will ® is the facilitating agent for developing businesses and innovation ecosystems, which allows bringing together diverse actors of our society, who jointly work to achieve a higher good for citizens and the entire planet.

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We are part of a global collaboration manifesto.

Every year, The Will® joins a global event called “Hack The Crisis”, an online hackathon to offer solutions on how to use technology to respond to crises and deal with the post-crisis era. It is an event where people from different backgrounds unite and form teams and collaboratively create a unique solution to a problem from scratch. Hack the Crisis for Chile, is organized and led by Humanalia by The Will® . The first edition was successfully held in July 2020, managing to convene groups of volunteers, mentors, juries, opinion leaders and participating ideas, all to contribute and impact positively in society. 

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